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Tips voor het verbeteren van de productiviteit van boorfreesmachines

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A common problem in metalworking companies is that boring milling machines have low productivity and efficiency. However, these conventional machine types are crucial for creating precise holes and surfaces. Fortunately, there are several ways to maximize the performance of this essential equipment.

The most important factor is the selection of the right cutting tool. Modern high-speed steel and hardened metal carbide drills and mills can dramatically increase production. These can handle much faster cutting speeds and feed rates than standard tools. Additionally, the newer types of tools last much longer. A good set of high-quality milling and drilling bits is therefore an excellent investment for any metalworking company.

In addition, optimizing the cutting parameters is essential. Factors such as cutting speed, rotational speed, feed, and depth of cut must be carefully matched to the material being machined and the size of the tool. The right settings improve efficiency, reduce wear, and provide better surface quality. There are optimal cutting values ​​for every tool and material type, so it is important to identify and apply these.

The size of the chip is also very relevant to performance. Greater chip thickness reduces the need for interruptions for chip removal. Chip breakers and adjusted parameters can help produce longer, continuous chips. This increases the effective cutting time and therefore production.

Preventive maintenance is also crucial. The machines must be cleaned and lubricated regularly for smooth movement and accurate functioning. Worn or damaged parts such as bearings, guides and spindles must be replaced in a timely manner. Good maintenance prevents defects and downtime.

Where possible, automation should also be implemented, for example with CNC programs and a pallet changing system. This eliminates time lost due to manual machine changes and increases production without additional personnel costs.

The clamping and positioning of workpieces also deserves attention. Proper clamping methods and zero points minimize vibration and inaccuracies during heavy-duty operations. This gives higher tolerance and consistency.

Monitoring wear and tear is also essential. Problems can be identified in time by regular wear measurements of slides, bearings, spindles and tools. Unplanned downtime can be prevented in this way.

Finally, a clean working environment is crucial. Removal of chips, coolants and lubricants ensures safety and better visibility of the process.

By applying these tips, metalworking companies can transform their boring milling machines into productive, profitable equipment. The right tools, parameters, maintenance and automation are the keys to an efficient drilling and milling department. The payback period for these optimizations is usually very short. Every metalworking company should therefore analyze and improve the performance of their conventional machine types. The benefits for productivity and profitability are significant.

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Nams is the owner of Machinefabriek Krimpen , a company specialized in the production of high-precision machine parts. With more than 15 years of experience in CNC machining and gear manufacturing, Nams is an expert in turning complex machine designs into reality.


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